Authenticity emerged, born of the need to develop and autonomous independent entity that represented who we were as individuals in the past, present, and future! Authenticity is the evolution of previous business ventures and brands by a group of like-minded men, brothers bonded together by more than blood, but by love and passion. The brand is meant to be the intersection of fashion, lifestyle, and culture. 

In the development of Authenticity, it was important that we were our most authentic selves. As individuals we desire uniqueness, and the ability to not only be our most authentic selves, but also the ability to express that. The brand Authenticity aims to provide that outlet, a starting point for individual and authentic expression. Through the brand we seek to channel our entrepreneurial spirit and our passion for investment and creation. 

Authenticity is a movement, it is more than a brand, it is an expression and a lifestyle and an expression of brothers who are making a powerful mark on the world that will remain for years to come. 

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